October 29, 2012

Princess Madeleine's wedding dress?

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is one of my all time Favorite royal ladies. I remember seeing pictures of her in my grandmothers magazines as a ten year old and drooling over her dresses and later her tiaras and bling bling. I have followed her ever since I was a ten year old and saw her pictures in those magazines.

I am already speculating and wondering what kind of dress Madeleine will go for on her big day next summer. I am also wondering if she will at all have bridesmaids. I wonder if she will break the family tradition and not go for the Cameo tiara. What do you think?

I found old photos of Madeleine wearing a light pink bridesmaids dress from Twink. I think this pink color looks so good on her but I am guessing she will opt for white or ivory on her big day.

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