November 23, 2012

7 Things You Didn't Know About Princess Madeleine

1. Madeleine and her sister Victoria, are friends with the owners of the clothing company H&M. They have both been spotted wearing H&M frequently.

2. Interiors, fashion and design are three of her biggest interests.

3. Madeleine got engaged to her former lawyer boyfriend Jonas Bergström on 11 August 2009. The wedding was set to take place in November 2010 but the engagement was broken off in April 2010 due to news of Jonas cheating on the princess with a Norwegian girl he had met while he was still in a relationship with Madeleine.

4. If Madeleine and Jonas would have gone through with the wedding they would have gotten to live in Villa Beylon in Solna, Sweden.

Villa Beylon
 5. In 2010 when Madeleine was single again she tried to buy a day with Dominic Cooper at a charity auction in London. She got close to winning the auction but she stopped at 200 pounds and lost the auction to an unknown woman. Later Madeleine was seen flirting with Dominic at a club in London.

6. She is good friends with Sofi Fahrman, a Swedish model and celebrity who lives in New York, like the princess.

7. Her Ex-fiance is now engaged to her former good friend, Stephanie af Klercker. Stephanie has her own clothing line named af Klercker. Stephanie was invited to Madeleine's 30th birthday party last summer.

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