January 26, 2013

Great-great-grand daughter of Queen Victoria will represent Denmark in Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest

Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest is a great-great-grand daughter of Queen Victoria and she will represent Denmark in 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Her song is How Many Teardrops and was elected the best out of 10 songs on January 26 in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark.

"My name is Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest. I know my name is a bit strange but it's because Queen Victoria was my great great grand mother." "It's true" Emmelie says with laughter and carries on: "King Edward VII was a bit of a playboy and he had my grandfather on my fathers side with an Austrian princess."

King Edward was the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark. He was known to be a playboy and had affairs with numerous of women in his married life. He never acknowledged any of his illegitimate children.

Emmelie de Forests ancestors include royals like King Edward VII and Queen Victoria. 

The half-Danish half-Swedish singer has already declared her excitement over winning the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and is both excited and proud that she will represent Denmark in Malmö, Sweden in May.

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