January 24, 2013

News about Princess Madeleines wedding

The past few days there has been discussion about whether or not Princess Madeleine will allow the media to take part on June 9 when she gets married to Chris O'Neill. There have been rumours going on that because the wedding will be paid by the King personally and not Swedish taxpayers as was the case when her sister, Crown Princess Victoria got married in 2010 that the wedding will not be broadcasted on live-tv.


Well... yesterday, Expressens journalist Mats Larsson met Princess Madeleine in front of the Childhood offices. To make a long story short (you can read the interview here) Madeleine said that it is not up to her alone to decide whether or not to allow media on the day and that they are starting the discussion with the King, who will ultimately decide. One thing is certain, she said, media will be allowed on the wedding day. The only thing that has to be decided is to what extent. 

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