January 03, 2013

Royal Twins

It seems that the topic of royal twins has been quite popular the last few weeks or ever since news of Kate Middleton's pregnancy were confirmed. There has been a lot of speculations that Kate could be carrying twins since she was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum but apparently the condition is more common among women who carry twins.

If Kate and William will in fact have twins they are not the only royal couple to welcome twins this year as Princess Sophie and Prince George of Prussia are expecting baby twins in February according to a German newspaper. Very exciting and double the fun for us royal watchers!

The possibility of another set of royal twins immediately got me thinking of two other set of royal twins: Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine of Denmark and Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric of Belgium. 

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine will celebrate their second birthday on 8 January. They are the third and fourth children of the Crown Prince couple of Denmark. Their older siblings are Prince Christian (who will one day inherit the Danish throne after his father) and Princess Isabella.

Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent

Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric were born on 13 December 2005 to parents Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium. They are currently 14th and 15th in the line of succession to the Belgian throne, respectively.

Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric

In my research on royal twins I found something amazing: decades ago another royal couple, Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Maria Pia of Savoy had two sets of twins, the first set on 18 June 1958: Prince Dimitri and Prince Michael. The second set was born 12 March 1963: Prince Sergius and Princess Helene.

It doesn't stop there because Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, (son of King Peter II of Yugoslavia and Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark) also had a set of twins with his first wife Maria da Glória Henriqueta Dolores of Orléans-Braganza in 1982: Prince Philip and Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia.


  1. A slight correction - The father of the twins Prince Philip & Prince Alexander (b.1982) is the current Crown Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia/Serbia, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans-Braganza was married to him from 1972-1985 (they also have an older son, Hereditary Prince Peter b.1980).
    I don't think Prince Dimitri (b.1958) is married or has children, but could be wrong.
    Great post on royal twins! There are also royal twins alive today in the royal families of Luxembourg (2 sets!) & Bulgaria. Also, The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) is grandmother to a set of twin boys.

  2. Hi B and Thank you for the correction, I have updated the blog post accordingly. Also, thanks for the info. I didn't know that Camilla was a grandmother to a set of twins, that's a fun fact!


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