September 11, 2013

5 Reasons That Suggest Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist are Already Secretly Engaged!

UPDATED: On 27 June 2014 it was announced that Prince Carl-Philip and Sofia Hellqvist are engaged. The wedding will take place in June 2015. Click here for photos of Sofia's engagement ring.

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist have been dating for several years but are not yet (that we know of) engaged. However, there are a few things that suggest that they might already be secretly engaged!

1. They are living together

Carl-Philip and Sofia have been living together since April 2011 which indicates this is a serious relationship and they want to make a statement that they are together no matter what people might think or say about them.

2. They have a puppy together

This is a tiny step further towards their future together. Since they can't have a baby until they marry, getting a puppy is a natural step to take at this time. Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström got a puppy together before they got engaged. You have probably seen Madeleine's dog, Zorro. That's the one! Prince Carl-Philip and Sofia's dog is a female called Siri.

Prince Carl-Philip and Sofia have a puppy called Siri

3. Sofia is attending "princess lessons"

Sofia has done everything in her power to transform her self from being a swimsuit model to being a princess. A while back Sofia hired her own personal stylist, Camilla Åstrand and together they have worked on improving her image and we have see Sofia dress quite formally and princess-like the last couple years or so. Well done Sofia!

4. Sofia has finally been accepted by the Swedish Royal Family

Sofia has had quite a rough time being the princes' girlfriend. At least in the beginning she did. Some people didn't think she was fit to be a princess because of her background as a reality show contestant and because she posed in the Swedish man magazine Slitz. Recently she has been taking her role as the princes' girlfriend seriously and seems to be doing her best to fit in with the Royal family. It is evident that she has already been accepted as one of the family now because among other events she was included in Princess Lilian's funeral, Princess Madeleine's wedding and the wedding of Prince Carl-Philips cousin, Gustaf Magnuson. Sofia was even included on the family photo when the banns of marriage were published for Princess Madeleine in May this year.

The family photo that was taken in May where Sofia is included

5. They have been looking at churches lately

The strongest indicator that we might see Carl-Philip and Sofia walk down the isle in near future is that they have been seen shopping around for churches to get married in. In mid-August, Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that the pair had been looking at churches together. Evidently the two churches that they like the most are Gärdslösa church and Räpplinge church.

There you go! Do you think Carl Philip and Sofia are secretly engaged? How long do you think it will take until they announce the engagement?

Photos: Kungahuset, Aftonbladet


  1. I hope they get married it's not about years of courtship it's love that's important and that doesn't die

  2. I hope they tie the knot soon as there courtship period has been long enough and they do seem to be in love with each other as always


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