November 10, 2013

Michael Kors for Maxima?

I am dying to know whether Maximas blue houndstooth dress is actually by Michael Kors or not. Michael Kors fall/winter 2013-2014 has a few garments in the same blue houndstooth pattern as Maximas dress. Although I didn't succeed in finding the exact same dress that Maxima wore, I was able to spot what seems to be a skirt (or a dress under a sweater). It could be the same dress as Maxima wore since the lenght seems to be the same and there is an opening in the back on both dresses. What do you think?

Maxima in Russia, wearing what seems to be a Michael Kors dress

If you look closely the dress has an opening in the back

The Michael Kors dress also has an opening in the back so I am guessing Maximas dress is by Michael Kors

Here is the look on the runway

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