February 20, 2014

9 things Madeleine's princess can't do without

Princess Madeleine is on the verge of motherhood as her baby girl is expected any day now. According to her baby registry she is due on 25 February. At least we know that there will be a Te Deum in the baby's honor on 2 March which means that it is known with certainty that the baby will be born by then. We will have to wait and see but in the meantime, lets take a look at some of the things we don't think the baby princess can't do without.

1. First things first. No baby on the planet should have to be without Sophie the Giraffe lets just get that out of the way.

2. This Monkey Pacifier. Possibly the cutest ting since Sophie the Giraffe.

3. A cute teddy bear. Cousin Estelle has a cute teddy called Tryggve which is a charity teddy for children with cancer. Since Madeleine is a princess and is into charity maybe the little princess will get a Tryggve of her own.

3. Clothes from Zara. We all know that like Victoria and Duchess Kate, Madeleine likes her Zara. Good friend Sofi Fahrman who has a roughly nine months old baby girl, Lily, likes to dress her in Zara. My bet is that Madeleine will follow in her footsteps. After all, Zara does have some cute baby clothes and shoes.

Zara baby hat
4. Converse shoes. Madeleine is not frequently seen wearing Converse but these are just to cute to skip. Click here to buy a pair of Converse First Star Crib Shoe in pink like shown below. They are also available in black and white.

5. Marie-Chantal angel wing onsie. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has a luxury baby clothing label which is quite successful considering the young age of the brand. Fashionistas, celebs and royals choose to dress their children in Marie-Chantal. Here's why we think Madeleine will love to dress her princess in Marie-Chantal: 1. Marie-Chantal and Madeleine know each other and I would be surprised if Marie-Chantal wouldn't send Madeleine a present including the angel wing onsie once the baby is born. 2. Its considered chic to dress your baby in Marie-Chantal and Madeleine is known for her good and somewhat luxurious taste. Among customers of Marie-Chantal are: Princess Estelle of Sweden, Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham.

6. Marc Jacobs mouse ballerinas. Because look at them! How cute!! Madeleine loves her ballerinas so we think she should get one of the mouse ballerinas from Marc Jacobs for her baby.
Marc Jacobs mouse ballerinas
7. A dress by Livly. Because it's a Swedish brand and because cousin Estelle has plenty of their dresses.

8. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier. Because mommy and daddy are always on the go. Will be perfect for the frequent airport trips when visiting grandpa and grandma in Sweden. Apparently Kate Hudson and Beyonce both have one.

9. Stacking Clown by Brio. Because it's classic, cute and colorful. This toy was first made in 1955!

What are your ideas for items Madeleine's baby can't do without?

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