March 05, 2014

15 Random Little Known Facts about the Swedish Royal Family

1. Princess Madeleine's dog, Zorro, was a gift from her ex-fiance, Jonas Bergström.

2. Prince Carl Philip lives with his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist and their dog, Siri in Sweden.

3. Sofia Hellqvist is Secretary General & Co-founder of Project Playground which was founded in 2010 and helps young adults in Africa.

4. Prince Carl Philip is a board member for Project Playground.

5. Zorro, Madeleine's dog is a Jack Russel Terrier.

Madeleine and Zorro

6. At birth princess Madeleine weighed 3340 gr. and was 49 cm long.

7. Princess Leonore weighed 3150 gr. and was 50 cm long.

8. Princess Madeleine paid a tribute to Princess Lilian, who passed away last year, at her wedding by wearing an old bracelet of hers.

9. Madeleine also paid a tribute to Lilian by naming her daughter Leonore Lilian Maria.

10. Madeleine's bachelorette party was held in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2013. She was kidnapped by her sister, Victoria, and nine other friends on Friday 8th March. They went to Geneva by flight and spent the day after skiing, shopping, eating out and having fun until they got the news of Princess Lilian's death on 10th March.

11. Until his marriage with Princess Victoria, Prins Daniel was a successful personal trainer and entrepreneur. He had his own business which he gave up before marrying the princess and taking on a supporting role as royal husband.

12. The day before Victoria and Daniel's wedding a concert was held in Stockholm in their honor. Among others the famous Swedish band, Roxette performed the song "She's got the Look".

13. Princess Estelle, Victoria's daughter is almost exactly two years older than her cousin, Princess Leonore. Princess Estelle is born 23 February 2012 and Princess Leonore is born 20 February 2014. The two princesses will in all likelyhood be really close as they get older as they will grow up knowing each other since their mothers, Victoria and Madeleine are really close, as is the whole Swedish royal family.

14. King Carl Gustaf met his future wife, Silvia Sommerlath at the Olympic Games in Munic 1972 where she was working as a translator. Four years later they were married.

15. The Swedish royal family is related to (and very close to) the Danish Royal family. Princess Ingrid was a Swedish princess and the current kings aunt. She married the heir to the Danish throne, Prince Frederik. Frederik and Ingrid, who later became King and Queen of Denmark had three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie. Margrethe became queen of Denmark in 1972 and Princess Benedikte is Princess Madeleine's godmother. 

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