March 10, 2014

Princess Marie-Chantal and her children in Greece

Last week Prince Pavlos and Marie-Chantal of Greece were in Greece to honor King Pauls memory on the 50 year anniversary of his death. Their children, Princess Maria Olympia (or just Olympia as she is referred to on a daily basis), Prince Constantine Alexios, Prince Achileas, Prince Odysseas and Prince Aristides also came along on the trip.

As expected Marie Chantal looked impeccable in fashionable outfits. As did the rest of her family, her daughter, Olympia looked gorgeous and wore extravagant, expensive, fashionable outfits and accesories just like her mom. The guys of the family looked dapper in suits and ties. Like any other teenagers, the oldest three of Marie-Chantal and Pavlos' kids whipped out their iPhones to share photos with their Instagram followers.

Princes Constantine and Achileas capture the moment on their iphones
Princess Olympia takes a photograph to put up on Instagram

I noticed one thing, Marie-Chantal and Olympia seem to share clothes, at least up to a certain point. Marie-Chantal wore a black coat that Olympia was also seen wearing on the same trip. This is something we see the royal ladies of Sweden do quite a lot. 

Olympia wearing the coat Marie Chantal wore earlier on the trip

Marie Chantal and Olympia both wore Céline handbags which seems to be the new it bag. Princess Madeleine has at least two and Princess Caroline also has one.

Marie-Chantal with her Celine bag

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