September 23, 2014

Footprint bracelet by Kreuger Jewellery

Last week Victoria attended Save the Rhino Gala. The event was held at Clarion Post Hotel in Göteborg, Sweden and as the name suggests the event was held to raise awareness and funds in the fight against poaching. Read more about the project here.

Victoria with friends Andrea Engsäll and Caroline Kreuger.
Caroline Kreuger, Victorias good friend, the owner of Kreuger Jewellery has designed a very cool and fashionable bracelet for the project which all the proceeds for go towards saving rhinos and elephants in the fight against poaching. The bracelet is called Footprint and looks like the footprint of a rhino. The bracelet is available for adults and children and is set in silver. If you are interested in helping raising funds or if you simply just want to own this beautiful bracelet they are available here.
The bracelets are called Footprint

Victoria's good friend Andrea Engsäll, got herself a rhino bracelet and said in a blog post that "all the gang has one." Meaning she and her and Victoria's friends all have one and since they are highly influential, trendsetting people in Sweden it wont be long until they trend in Sweden. My prediction is that we will see it on Victoria someday. Not only because she is fashionable but also because of her connection to the project and the fact that her friend designed it.

Andrea Engsäll and "the gang" wearing the Footprint bracelet
Updated 24th September: Victoria wore the bracelet to an official event today.

Photos: Svenskdam, Engelbert, Andrea Engsäll

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