January 19, 2014

Pregnant Stephanie af Klercker

Stephanie af Klercker with Malin Andrén at the Swedish ELLE gala, january 2014.

Stephanie af Klercker, Jonas Bergström's wife made an appearance at the annual ELLE gala in Sweden yesterday. She was accompanied by her good friend, fashion designer Malin Andrén.

Stephanie and Princess Madeleine used to be close friends until Stephanie started dating Jonas Bergström, Madeleine's ex fiance. Notice that Stephanie's handbag is by Valentino. Madeleine has one in black. Apparently the girls share more than taste in men.

Update 14.2.2014: Stephanie and Jonas had a baby girl on 13th February 2014. Her name is Katinka Bergström, which is also Stephanie's middle name. Congrats to the happy couple.


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